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That is an excellent question and a great place to start! In modern society toxins are everywhere and the sad fact is we cannot get away from them. The best thing we can do is manage them and eliminate as much as we can from our bodies through a series of detoxification measures.

Did you know that toxic environmental chemicals are in the exhaled breath and bloodstream of everyone! That is scary but true. It wasn’t like this in our grandparents time and our children will never know any thing other than a toxic world.

Not only do these chemicals overwhelm our capacity to detoxify, the human body just does not have the capability to completely metabolize today’s foreign man-made chemicals.

These unmetabolized chemicals are stockpiled in the body, primarily in surface fat, because they are hydrocarbons, which means they are Lipid (fat) soluble. These hydrocarbons can stockpile not only in fat but also in the brain and cell membranes. Once we have accumulated enough (any is too much) that the fat cannot hold anymore it spills over into all the other organs as well.

Chemicals where you least suspect them

Chemicals where you least suspect them

100% of human fat biopsies contain:                                                  

styrene residues from plastic wraps and containers

dioxins from herbicides and paper products

xylene from gasoline, pollutants, paints and glues

1,4-diclhorobenzene from deodorizers, mothballs, sanitizers and bedding

This is by no means the complete list of chemicals we are exposed to. Far from it and another concern is how these chemicals react together in the body is totally uncharted territory. So whatever we can do to decrease our toxic load is in our best interest in fact I think it is mandatory. 

What simple steps can you take today to get the ball rolling?

In a nut shell stop putting toxins in voluntarily.

*Eat Organic foods as much as possible

*Eliminate Chemicals in products that you put onto your body / if you must use them make natural choices but buyer beware just because the label says natural does not actually make it so! Read the labels.

*Toothpaste and Mouthwash (baking soda and diluted hydrogen peroxide)

*Body Lotion (coconut oil)

Stop using chemicals in your environment

*Cleaning products (use vinegar or Hydrogen peroxide instead of harsh chemicals and bleach)

* Air Fresheners ( Essential oil room sprays are available)

*Pesticides ( sprinkle boric acid in the backs of your cupboards for roaches) 

*Herbicides ( garlic and hot pepper spray for garden pests) 

According to Detoxify or Die Dr Sherry Rogers Far Infrared Saunas can be extremely effective in removing hydrocarbons from your body but you need to do it regularly 40 minutes a day for several months to start with.

 This would be a perfect place to start.

 Till next time!

Dr Debra Lawson

Dr Debra Lawson



Written by The Detox Coach