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Written by Kylie Cloney

Confused about Health?

“Eat cabbage, eat for your blood type, eat low fat, soy is good for you, soy is bad for you, eat fats, eat low fat only, detox regularly, meditate, do yoga, include cardio exercise, stress is good for you, but also can kill you…..”.

These are just a few of the mixed messages  circulating in the media leaving some people confused and taking on expensive and complicated  health practices.

Have you ever said, right that’s enough; I am really going to get healthy this time!

This decision follows the purchase of a load of organic produce, raw food cook books, detox kits, a year membership at the local gym,  perhaps a box full of supplements, a juicing machine, a yoga mat, some candles, and a handful of other bits and pieces you can’t pronounce the name of but look healthy none the less.   A nice portion of your yearly salary has been spent on all the ‘requirements’ to be healthy!

We all know how it feels to be super motivated, and a few weeks down the track we find ourselves skipping yoga, and eating sausage rolls and chips on the lounge!

While the original intention of being healthy was a noble one, this go hard or not at all approach may not be suitable for long term health goals.  There is no point taking on health practices that cause you further stress, that’s like robbing Peter to pay Paul.

More people worldwide are beginning to embrace health and natural living is an essential lifestyle choice.  As the awareness and shift toward harmonious health practices evolve, so too does the amount of information and products promoted to us by media, pharmaceutical companies and Health professionals.

Natural health is one of the fastest growing industries in Australia and clever marketing companies that know how to appeal to each of our emotions and desires for good health are not excluded from wanting their piece of the pie.

Diet ConfusionIn my clinical practice I regularly see people taking counter bought supplements and self prescribing vitamins and restrictive diets.  When I assess their pathology tests and blood work these supplements are often NOT suitable for the individual and in some cases actually CAUSING imbalance in the body.  “Just because it is Natural or Nutrients does NOT mean it is right for your body”.

Golden Rules for effective health care:

Call in an Expert

A visit to a qualified health professional can eliminate guess work, trial and error and ensure you are applying health practices that are specifically focused to your individual body.  You wouldn’t try and replace the engine in your car after just reading the manual and expect it to perform well.

Change your Focus

Adjusting your health focus to creating a balanced lifestyle and reducing stress factors in your life can save a lot of energy, time and money.  Poor work-life balance or strained relationships can be precursors to underlying health problems.


Our bodies have an internal clock called a diencephalon; this is a master control centre for co-ordinating a multitude of body functions.  Sleep is one of the key factors in creating a smooth rhythm.  The National Institute of Health recognises poor sleep as a significant precursor to depression, hormone imbalance, fatigue and weight gain.

Play Time

HHHhH   ealth does not need to be about restrictions.  Leading psychologists agree that the introduction of  a little bit of fun into your life can have significant physiological effects on health such as improvements in muscle relaxation, enhanced immune system performance, improved circulation and increased endorphin levels (feel good brain hormones).  Fun is FREE if you let yourself have some and has long standing health benefits.  Disease will be running a mile from your smile!

Quality not Quantity

When it comes to sustainable health practices, quality not quantity is a valuable motto to embrace.

You can have sweet foods and pastries without causing illness and obesity; opt for small portions made with natural produce and love.  When you do eat them, let yourself enjoy these foods, denying the self of a little sweetness in life can leave you feeling bitter about your healthy life!  Being extreme with eating practices can lead to over indulgence and negative feelings toward food.

Slow and steady wins the race

Dedicating your-self to eating only organic foods or “fad health diets” while running a busy family and career may be impractical and become a project that quickly fizzles.  Try to commit and introduce just one or two new health practices and products at a time.  This may give you a chance to see if the product works for you and differentiate if the practice is something you are actually benefitting from.    You are better to stick to just one or two simple practices than to start ten and only do them short term.

I will be sharing lots of health information on Antiageingdoctor to support you with living your life to the fullest and treasuring your most precious asset – your health!

Kylie Cloney can be contacted at – Cairns Naturopathic Clinic            or by phoning mob: 0421 529 262